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About us

The website of the salon-store of Ukrainian gifts, things and clothes with a history, which are handed down as a legacy.

We talk about the traditional and modern culture of Ukraine. Mary's Dreams actualizes traditional culture in our everyday life: we recreate and reinterpret ethnographic copies and stylizations of dishes, decor, clothes, etc. independently and in collaboration with artists, and introduce them into modern life and promote handwork and these things as  gifts :)

Ukrainian traditional arts and crafts.

In our online store you can buy handmade Ukrainian souvenirs and gifts that combine traditional techniques with modern design and fashion trends, as well as copies of authentic items. Traditional Ukrainian embroidery and other exclusive handmade Ukrainian national clothes, towels, decorative original ceramics, glass, wooden and ceramic dishes, folk jewelry, original jewelry, paintings by famous Ukrainian artists, dolls, sculptures, books, postcards, objects decor in ethnic style, toys for children and many other original gifts.

You can order and buy handmade Ukrainian souvenirs and gifts in the "Mria Maria" online store. We cooperate with the best masters of Ukraine, so all our products have high quality and artistic value. We offer attractive prices for VIP status gifts for management and corporate events, we will always help you choose themed gifts for Christmas, Easter and other holidays. You can also buy gifts for memorable dates, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or housewarmings at "Mria Maria". At the request of the client, we pack things in exclusive gift bags and handmade boxes. We offer you an individual approach, guaranteed quality, good prices, permanent promotions and discounts on Ukrainian ethnic gifts and handmade souvenirs.

"Dreams of Mary" is a gift philosophy in Ukrainian.
Ukrainian gifts in the "Mriya Maria" store are exclusively exclusive works of folk craftsmen. We are not interested in stamped products, fakes and prints.
The basis of our collection is traditional clothing, author's ceramics and glass, paintings by Ukrainian artists and books on ethnography and folk art. Most things are unique - they exist in a single copy, so they only increase in value over time.
We offer exclusive gifts for foreigners (abroad) and VIP gifts for managers and partners, which will show your taste, respect and individual approach to the addressee. We have experience in the selection of exquisite presents and will be happy to help you: we will advise you on the issue of choice, "in absentia" we will select the embroidery by size, and we will carefully pack the gift.
The store team selects only valuable hand-made items according to their own sense of style and harmony. We conduct expeditions in Ukraine to connect original masters with folk art connoisseurs and preserve the traditions of Ukrainian decorative and applied art. Everything in our salon preserves the energy of the master's hands.
The salon collection is constantly changing and being replenished. We offer an individual approach and service to everyone who comes to us in search of something beautiful and necessary. We have a convenient payment and delivery system. "Dreams of Mary" is always open for communication!
If you have any questions regarding the selection and purchase of exclusive Ukrainian souvenirs, call us
+38 (098) 014-81-74, we will be happy to help!

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