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It is made in the author's technique of water-fired open fire, without access to oxygen, in which the metals change their color only in variations of the red gamut. This is the author's vision of zoomorphic ceramics, quite traditional for Ukraine. Even primitive people depicted strange beasts in caves. And then these images were transferred to ceramics. During the heyday of zoomorphic ceramics, they are called Trypillia. And already in the 20s of the 20th century, these strange beasts, which are also called lembics, began to be created in Opishna, in the Poltava region. Here, lions and rams have become especially popular. We are very glad that traditions have endurance, they flow from master to master, are restored, changed, go to a new turn of the spiral. This is a beautiful world of Ukraine, full of wonders: in ceramics, works of Maria Pryimachenko and Polina Raiko, songs, fairy tales and legends. In each of us. Consider this beast for a memorable gift: for Ukrainians to remember and feel our roots, for foreigners to tell about us. Let's stop giving maces. We are deeper and more interesting. These things are inherited. You also buy them for all subsequent generations.


Height-55 cm.

Length-50 cm.

Width-30 cm.

Ceramic sculpture "Lion-dragon"

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